Matt & Ben

Recently I have found myself typing a paper for one of my Journalism classes about an upcoming theatre production at my school titled “Matt & Ben.” Through my research and writing, I’m in shock that I have never stumbled upon this work before hand.

The play was originally produced in 2003 and was written by the fiery Mindy Kaling and talented Brenda Withers. The two women attended Dartmouth together and soon found themselves starring in a play they wrote about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The satirical portrayal of the actors was first showcased at the ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, California.

The play tells the tale of two young men (Affleck and Damon) as they attempt to write a screen play about Catcher In the Rye. However, when an unexpected envelope literally falls from the sky containing the script to “Good Will Hunting,” the two are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions and daydreams about who will get the part. Aside from the script sent from heaven, the play contains witty humor, abounding knowledge of 1990’s pop culture, and abnormal casting which in the end aids to the ridiculousness of the entire play.

While Kaling and Withers are off to bigger and better things in their careers. Matt & Ben can still be experienced in your local theater scenes. To any aspiring actresses looking for an fun show to perform, Matt & Ben might just be for you.


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